Pera Pera  is a pioneering property Investor and developer in -

Istiklal Caddesi - Istanbul's high street

Asmalimescit neighbourhood - Istanbul's entertainment district

Galata- Serdari Ekrem Sokak- Istanbul's fashion street T

ophane - Istanbul's art and design district

Tebebag - Adana's historic quarter

Obirishte- Sophia's historic centre

Pera Pera is primarily focused on urban regeneration projects and the renovation of historical buildings as commercial premises. The company manages projects from acquisition, to project development and finally to property rental.

The Company has an established investment, legal, financial and architectural team. Our core activities are acquisition, refurbishment and property management. The company aims to renovate historic buildings and rejuvenate neighborhoods. within the parameters of conservation and safety legislation and modern comfort.

We view successful modern cites as a series of villages in which local and overseas visitors stay, work, eat and play . By rebuilding historic buildings restoring garden and bringing back pedestrians, the communities become much more vibrant and successful. We are working closely with municipalities and local communities to enable this regeneration. In particular we are working closely with creative and entrepreneurial local people to create new residences, offices, apartments, shops and cafes in our buildings. We want to adapt historical properties to new and more appropriate uses and where feasible build new buildings to enhance the area.